What could be more romantic than a boat ride along the Paris Seine river and it’s beautiful banks? Here are a few reasons why no visitor should resist the urge to jump on board the most picturesque of city cruises!

1. You may want to see the sights on a clear day, but the Seine really comes into its own beneath the setting sun. Watch Paris completely transform as night beckons.

2. Seeing the Eiffel Tower from below usually means views from the Champs de Mars park. Try it from the river instead, away from the swarms of other tourists!

3. See Paris’ stunning bridges from another angle! Pont Neuf is the oldest, but there are as many as 37 stunning bridges, each with its own charms.

4. The famous Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral is essential viewing for any visitor, but see if you can sail past it at night without trembling before the eerily lit gargoyles!

5. Glide past the stunning architecture of the Musee d’Orsay and the Orangerie, and watch the fantastic outlines of this former train station.

6. Venture along the bloodline of Paris at any time of day and you’ll find the city bursting with life. Try the Pont Des Arts and the urban oddity that is “Paris Beach” for starters!

How much does it cost?
A Seine river cruise can cost anything from €10 per person for a basic boat tour to upwards of €200 for a candle-lit, gourmet dinner cruise by night.

Explore Paris by passing by its monuments, below its iconic bridges and through hidden natural spots. Admire the beautiful architecture of Paris from another perspective.